Friday, November 27, 2009

Gucci bag cake

My first attempt at making a handbag cake. Was quite challenging but I enjoyed working on it.

Justin Bieber cake

I made this 3 tier birthday cake for my daughters 12th bday. She's a great fan of Justin Bieber. Happy Birthday Sabrina!

Farewell cupcakes

Cupcakes I made for my daughter's class party.

Thank You teachers

Cupcakes for Tok Ayah

Chocolate cake

Happy Birthday Haziq!

Blueberry cheese tarts

Blueberry cheese tarts anyone?? RM60 for 30 pcs. Simply yummy. Made from pure butter and philadelphia cream cheese.

MU cake and cupcakes

Order by Rosliza, my ex-colleague for her son, die hard MU fan.

Ben10 and Jonas brothers cake and cupcakes

Double birthday celebration for Addina and Muhallis. Happy Birthday!

Michael Jackson fan

Birthday cake for a MJ fan. Happy birthday Suk Yee!

Barbie cake

Barbie cake order by Liza Hanim for her dear daughter's birthday.

Carrot cake with cream cheese frostings

Happy Birthday Jo Lin!
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Farhana's birthday cake and cupcakes

These are the cake and cupcakes I made for my daughters birthday. It was my first attempt at making the shopping bag cake. Lots of lessons learnt there . It was truly challenging to cover the cake with the fondant and to make it look like a shopping bag. Farhana was very pleased and proud with her cake. The cupcakes are decorated with Winx edible image.

Birthday and Anniversary cake

This cake was ordered by my friend Padma for her dear mom. Thanks for your order Padma!

Motorbike Themed cake

Carrot cake covered in cream cheese and topped with a 2D image of a superbike ordered by Liza Hanim for her dear hubby, Shahrin, group member of pop group ,Indigo. Thanks again Liza and Happy Birthday Shahrin!

Blue themed chocolate cupcakes

This is another order by my regular customer, Liza Hanim. Thanks so much for your constant support Liza!

Batman cupcakes

Batman themed cupcakes ordered by Shasha. The Batman themed decorations are handmade using fondant. Thanks for your order Shasha!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Liverpool Fan

Cupcakes ordered by Amira. Thanks for your order, Amira.

For Liverpool Fan

It has been a Liverpool week. These are cake and cupcakes ordered by Puspa, my ex colleague from Maxis, for her beloved hubby who turned 50. Puspa, thanks for your order . I really enjoyed working on them. Happy Birthday Sugu!

TV3 shooting- Apa-Apa Aje

Last week, I had a TV shooting for 2 episodes on the show Apa-Apa Aje which is aired on TV3 every Monday and Thursday morning from 10am-11am. In those episodes which will be aired somewhere mid November, I will be sharing 2 recipes, vanilla cupackes and chocolate cake. I was thrilled to have Amy Mastura and the gang at my home for the TV shoot. It was a pleasure meeting the star. Here are some photos taken. Enjoy!