Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ondeh2 Cupcakes

Ondeh2 Cupcakes all done for today's pick up. Thank you all for ordering. Have a blessed day 😀 ‪#‎ondehondehcupcakes‬ ‪#‎bakingclass‬ ‪#‎kelaskek‬ ‪#‎pandangulamelaka‬ ‪#‎usj‬ ‪#‎subangjaya‬ ‪#‎kek‬

Ondeh Ondeh Cupcakes- Testimonial

#‎Repost‬ @nikkhairuladli
I don't usually promote stuff on my IG but this muffin is simply amazing! Traditional mixed with modern. It's ondeh-ondeh or buah melaka but ingeniously transformed into a muffin! Fluffy and aromatic 'pandan' cake with 'gula melaka' filling that oozes and blends perfectly with your palate as u sink your teeth in it. Sangat hipster okay! Thanks a lot @pinkovencakes and @norshahmir70. Wifey loves is sooo much!

Glad you loved the cupcake Nik. Thanks so much for the feedback. We love the cupcake too!

Ondeh2 Cupcakes- Testimonial

Thanks Mahjabeen Mohd. Your onde onde pandan cupcakes memang sedap. The funny part is it isn't sweet at all macam rupa dia. Just nice to my tastebuds!! Nanti boleh order Insyaallah. A very pleasant taste indeed.
— with Mahjabeen Mohd.

Ondeh Ondeh Cupcakes

Okay, this is my favorite now.😀 Ondeh2 Cupcakes.
Coconut pandan cupcakes filled with gula melaka syrup, topped with gula melaka swiss meringue buttercream and finally drizzled with more gula melaka syrup. Heaven!

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Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache. Thank you Ratna.

Wedding cake

Remarks by Ratna from PDP,

#nakedcake by the incomparable @pinkovencakes made up of chocolate, mocha, lemon & butter tiers with chocolate ganache filling. Btw Maji, my crew didn't leave me any of the brownies 😢#weddingcake #weddingideas #weddingplanning #weddingplanner #pdpweddings #realwedding #nanaonn — with Mahjabeen Mohd

Wedding cake

#Repost @perfectdayplanner
#pretty #weddingcake from the incomparable @pinkovencakes miss u much maji! #weddingideas #weddingplanning #pdpweddings

Tugboat cake

‪#‎Repost‬ @perfectdayplanner
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Simply love the background. Thanks for your order Jehan and Ratna. Anyone looking for a fabulous party/wedding planner, look for Ratna @perfectdayplanner !

Valrhona Chocolate Mascarpone Cheese Brownies

Brownies! Thank you Linda

Fudgy Brownies

Belgian Chocolate Fudgy Brownies for Farhana's class party.

Baking Class- 23rd May

HI folks, come join our new series of baking classes.
Date: 23/5/2015
Time:9.30 am -4.00pm
Venue: :Subang Jaya
Fee: RM400

Victoria Sandwich Cake with swiss meringue buttercream
Fudgy Belgian Chocolate Brownies
Berries Tart
Class limited to 6 peole
WA 012 2000711 to register

Baking class- 10 May

Some picture of the baking class i had at my place on 10th May. Thank you ladies for coming !

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple Upside down cake. Price: RM90. PM for order enquiries. Have a great weekend!

Big Hero 6 Baymax Cake and colorful cupcakes

Big Hero 6 Baymax cake and colorful cupcake order. Thank you Ezlin.

Berries Tart

So refreshing, the sight of berries.