Friday, December 24, 2010

Hantaran cake with cake pops

2 tier fondant hantaran cake with cake pops on lollipop sticks. Cake pops are covered in strawberry flavored white chocolate. Thanks for your order Sabreena

Camera Cake

Cake carved to shape like a camera and covered in black fondant. Thanks for your order Aisya!

Golf theme cake

Hantaran cupcakes

Peach colour hantaran cupcakes. Cupcakes are covered in fondant and decorated with royal icing.

Neon Cake

Neon colour fondant cake with bows and ribbons

Birds and Owl cupcakes


Buttercream cupcakes

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pink Oven will be away till end of the year

Hi everyone. I will be away till end of the year. Will resume business early next year. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

40th birthday cake

The cake i made for tea party organised by my dear friend Ratna for the 1987 Assuntarian batch. I had fun working on this because the design was entirely up to me and I've been wanting to do this cake design from Peggy Porchen's book which just arrived from UK last week. So many pretty cakes and i had a hard time deciding on which design to pick. Finally decided to do this cake using my favorite color combination: pink and brown! We gals had a blast at the get together. Thanks again to Ratna, who is also a wedding planner (, for letting her place out to us and tastefully decorating the venue. Loved every detail. And a very happy birthday to all the gals of 1987 batch!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Elmo Cupcakes

Colorful Elmo cupcakes ordered by Joanne. These are chocolate cupcakes piped with buttercream icing and the facial features are made from fondant.

Geng Bas Sekolah Cake

This is a 3D school bus cake ordered by Nida for her son's birthday. I have to thank my daughter Sabrina who gave me input on the design along the way. Good to have a child who sees the real bas sekolah 5 days a week. Thanks for your order Nida. Happy Birthday Muhallis.

2NE1 Edible Image Cake

Birthday Cake order by my neighbor, Nida, to celebrate her daughter's birthday. Happy Birthday Addina!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wedding cake pop

This is a sample i made for a potential customer. Credits go to Bakerella for introducing this. It was really nice to see the outcome and i can't wait to do more of cake pops in various designs. For those who don't know what cake pop is, it's actually cake crumbled with a bit of buttercream icing. It is shaped according to what you want and then dipped into white/ dark choc. The white chocolate can be colored. We can also dip these cakes into candy melt. Refer to this website if you would like to try doing these:
Good Luck!

Tokio Hotel Cake

Happy Birthday Suk Lan!!!!

Colourful cupcakes

Colourful cupcakes ordered by Olin. Thanks dear!

Cream and Deep Red hantaran cupcakes

Hantaran cupcakes ordered by Alia for her engagement. Thanks Alia.

Deepavali cupcakes

I was thrilled at doing these cupcakes after my friend, Linda, called to order them. Design was entirely up to me. I decided to do Kolam design cupcakes and searched through the Inernet for some pretty cool designs. When i was gonna draw the design with the piping bags, i realised that the design was too intricate to be done with icing. And then, there i was, at the kitchen table sitting for nearly 2 hours to come out with my own do-able design. Thank God i finished the cupcakes in time for delivery. Thanks for your order Linda.

Jack O Lantern Cake

This was ordered by Zarida for her daughters birthday. It's actually two vanilla cake stacked and carved into a pumpkin shape. I dindn't do too much carving so as not to have too much cake wastage. After carving, its covered with fondant which gives it a really smooth finish. Thanks for your order Zarida.

Halloween orders

These are the cupcakes I made for halloween. By the time i finished making the fondant toppers, my eyeballs were like gonna pop out. Really tedious work but i loved the outcome. Sometimes people wonder why some cupcakes cost more than others. The reason is mainly due to the long hours being put in to create all those pretty toppers. Just like a lecturers job, who get paid by the hour, cake decorators are also the same.

Carrot Walnut with cream cheese Birthday cake

Another order by Liza Hanim to celebrate her hubby, Shah and mothers birthday. She wanted a real big cake. So made double recipe of the normal carrot cake. This cake weighs about 4.5kg. Very heavy and yummy! Thanks again for your order Liza.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Camp Rock 2 Cake

This cake was supposed to be a surprise for my niece,Misha, who just turned 8. Her mom told me that Misha is a big fan of Camp Rock. So, i got edible images printed and made this 2 tier orange butter cake covered and decorated with fondant.
Right after the party , Rayyan, the younger brother of Misha, told his mom that he too wanted a nice cake for his next birthday. He wants a transformer cake and he wants it bought from the SHOP. When Jasmin, his mom told him that Mak Anjang made the cake, he didn't believe her. To him, pretty cakes only come from shops. LOL . Kids are so funny and cute! Anyway, Happy Birthday Misha! Glad you like the cake.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yellow hantaran cake

This is the other cake ordered by Sarah for her nephew Fairuz. It is also a 5 inch high cake and weighs about 3.5 kg. I really enjoyed making the flowers which took a couple of days to do. The side of the cake is wrapped in lace. Thanks again Sarah and Fairuz.

Pink Oven Cakes
Subang Jaya

Red hantaran cake

Normally when someone orders a cake especially a hantaran or a wedding cake, they have an idea of how they want the cake to look like. I get very nervous waiting to see what kind of cake they have in mind.
When Sarah, my dear hubby's ex colleague wanted to order 2 hantaran cakes on her nephew Fairuz's behalf, i got a bit nervous, thinking what am i going to be dealing with. Then, she sent me pics of what she had in mind and i was thrilled, coz, the cakes were different. But, the cakes i make would definitely not be the same as someone else's cake as the 'tangan' and creativity is different, i told her. And she was ok with that.
This chocolate moist cake is 5 inch high and weighs about 3.5kg. A pretty heavy cake! It is covered in fondant as it is the best coating for hantaran cake. No smudges from from buttercream. And cake stays pretty. The side of the cake is stenciled with Royal icing. Very tricky to do, but the result, marvellous!
Thanks Sarah and Fairuz for giving me the opportunity to work on this cake. Selamat pengantin baru Fairuz!

Pink Oven Cakes
Subang Jaya

Gold and Deep Red cupcakes

These are buttercream cupcakes with gold and deep red gumpaste flowers ordered by my dear friend and neighbour, Nida. It travelled all the way to Trengganu. The flowers were from Cake Connection. Thank God they had the gold and deep red flowers as i did not have the time to self make the flowers due to the very short notice. Couldn't say no to dear Nida.

Thanks Nida! I hope you like the cupcakes