Monday, January 31, 2011

Xbox cake

I simply love doing 3D cakes. I can just sit for hours trying to include all possible details on the cake. I really had so much fun doing this one. Things were made easier for me as Datin Nani whom ordered the cake actually sent me the real Xbox for me to replicate. Thanks so much for your help Datin. Happy birthday Izzat!

Chinese New Year cupcakes

Chinese New Year cupcakes anyone. I am having a promotion, price per box of 25 medium cupcakes is RM65. Normal price is RM75. Offer ends 15 Feb.

Baby Girl cupcakes

The cupcakes are decorated with buttercream.

Baby shower cupcakes

Another baby shower cupcakes where the design was provided by customer.

Assorted cupcake design

These are some of the cupcakes i have done over the past month.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Indian Lady in Saree Cake

Sometimes when i finish making a cake, deep in my heart , i just want to keep it at home. This is one of such cakes. I was deeply in love with the Indian lady in Saree. She seemed so motherly! When Puspa ordered this cake, i was actually kinda nervous thinking how my figurine would turn out. Thank God it turned out okay although I still have a lot to learn on moulding figurines, which is the toughest for me to do. Thanks again for your order Puspa!


Anonymous said...

I like her ears! So real! Congrats! You make cakes look pretty, so much as not to eat them :-)

Anniversary and Selena Gomez Cake

Orders by Pn Asiah. Both cakes are covered in buttercream. I must say this picture of Selena Gomez is pretty awesome. Thanks for your order Pn Asiah.

ibu said...

thanks for making the cakes. they were delicious and looked pretty awesome. took me a while to let u know cuz tak de masa tengah maidless.-asiah