Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cupcake class

Finally, after delaying the cupcake decorating class which so many of you have been requesting for years!, i have finally found the time to have one, Hopefully, i will be having it as often as i can. Thanks to Ezrin, i finally said yes to having the class, She is one persistent lady. Kesian jugak kat dia coz she can't be ordering all the time . So, i have decided to let you all in to the recipes which i use for my cupcakes and the buttercream. I will be teaching from baking the cupcakes to the decoration bit. Altogether there will be 16 cupcakes to take home. Then , you can call yourself the cupcake queen! I will post some sample pictures on what kind of decoration which you will be learning. Class size is limited to 5 people. My 1st cupcake deco class details are as follows:

Date: 30 July 2011
Time : 9.30am ( Class will be about 4 hours)
Venue: My kitchen. 53, USJ 3A/7
My hp: 012 2000711
Things to bring: Yourself, Apron. Kitchen towel, Scissors.
Cost : RM200
To confirm your place in the class, payment has to be banked in to the following account:

Name : Mahjabeen bt Mohamed Mohideen
Bank: Maybank
Account No: 164191913394

hp: 012 2000711

Once, payment is banked, please send me an SMS or email with the details. Payment is not refundable.
Do email me at before 26 July if you wish to atend the class.

Saturday, July 16, 2011