Saturday, May 21, 2016

21st Birthday Cake

21st Birthday Cake for Priyanka. Thank you Karen !

Floral cake

Thank you Fida

Chocolate cake

6 inch diameter chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and topped with kinder bueno and malteser. Finally drizzled with fleur de sel caramel. Yummss 😋
Thanks Rebecca

Buttercream flower cake

Happy Birthday Riaza ! Hope you like the cake. And thanks Azmeer for the trust. 

Bundt cake

Lemon Sour Cream Bundt Cream drizzled with lemon glaze. 


Cupcakes combo. Biscoff , chocolate and ondeh2 cupcakes 😋

 Vanilla cupcakes with biscoff buttercream drizzled with caramelised white chocolate and topped with some crushed Biscoff cookies.


Sugar sprinkled cakepops

Chocolate cake

This cake is huge! A 11 inch square devils food chocolate cake filled with nutella buttercream. Covered wih belgian choc ganache and topped with kinder bueno and maltesers. Lastly, drizzled with fleur de sel caramel. Chcocolate all over! Thanks Kak Sarah!

Victoria Sandwich Cake

The many faces of the Victoria Sandwich Cake

Minion Cake and cupcakes

Minion theme cake and cupcakes ordered by my neighbor.

Brownies and cupcakes

Valrhona brownies and ondeh2 cupcakes. Thank you Dieba

Bundt Cake

Fresh Strawberry Yoghurt cake topped with strawberry buttercream and berries compote. Now, doesn't that look so tempting. Yums!

Victoria Sandwich Cake

Victoria Sandwich Cake. Happy Birthday Leena. Thank you Puspa!

Cassette Cake

3 d cassette cake to celebrate Edry's 40th birthday @edryabdhalim . Happy Birthday Edry ! Thanks dear Milia for the trust 😘

Cake is orange cake with buttercream filling

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake with pretzels and maltesers. Thank you Faezah 😘

Chocolate cupcakes

Yummy Chocolate cupcake variety

Floral cupcakes

These are Ondeh-ondeh cupcakes with floral design buttercream. Thank you Ms Kalai

The pandan and coconut milk batter is simply aromatic.

Wedding Cake

Its a wedding cake weekend. Loved this 3 tier naked wedding cake i made for Amilia. Thank you Ratna (my friend who's the wedding planner) and Amilia. Cake is vanilla butter cake filled with tradisional buttercream which is sturdier than the swiss meringue buttercream which i normally use.