Thursday, October 21, 2010

Red hantaran cake

Normally when someone orders a cake especially a hantaran or a wedding cake, they have an idea of how they want the cake to look like. I get very nervous waiting to see what kind of cake they have in mind.
When Sarah, my dear hubby's ex colleague wanted to order 2 hantaran cakes on her nephew Fairuz's behalf, i got a bit nervous, thinking what am i going to be dealing with. Then, she sent me pics of what she had in mind and i was thrilled, coz, the cakes were different. But, the cakes i make would definitely not be the same as someone else's cake as the 'tangan' and creativity is different, i told her. And she was ok with that.
This chocolate moist cake is 5 inch high and weighs about 3.5kg. A pretty heavy cake! It is covered in fondant as it is the best coating for hantaran cake. No smudges from from buttercream. And cake stays pretty. The side of the cake is stenciled with Royal icing. Very tricky to do, but the result, marvellous!
Thanks Sarah and Fairuz for giving me the opportunity to work on this cake. Selamat pengantin baru Fairuz!

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