Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm back!

Hi there ! Cakelicious is back with a new identity. Its known as Pink Oven . I have been cracking my head for nearly a month on a new name for my home based cake business which I had to temporarily stop for nearly one and a half years. Its great to be back home after being in Doha, Qatar for more than a year. So many of my close friends and family have been constantly checking to see if they can place their cake order when they knew that I was back in Malaysia. I could not take orders as my baking stuff took 3 months to reach the Malaysian shores. Phew...thank god all my things were safe.
I have to thank my husband and my two lovely daughters , Sabrina and Farhana whom have always encouraged me and who have been my greatest critics. Believe it or not, children make the best critics. They are always so very honest with their opinion.
Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me. Love you all!


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