Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hannah Montana and High School Musical Cake

9 x 13" (4 in high) Hannah Montana Cake -RM 315

9 x 13" base (4 in high) + 9 x 13"(backdrop) High School Musical Cake -RM 660

These are the cakes I made for my two girls for their birthday party in Doha. They were the happiest. The cakes are coated with buttercream and decorated with fondant, royal icing and colour flow decoration. It took me a couple of days just to handcraft the decorations (piano, guitar, figurines, etc) and let them dry. Tiring, but we were all happy with the outcome.


  1. wow these cakes look really really impressed with ur skills!! didnt know u did this seriously..really cool!

  2. Thanks Zetti. I was impressed with myself too.